The Smartbox Platform is the alternative to a van. Based on a Platform-cab chassis, this body is built. The big advantage: a lower load floor than with a chassis cab. Both the payload and the contents of the cargo area are an excellent alternative to the closed van. The cargo area has a volume of no less than 20 m³ and the load capacity, in combination with rear doors, even rises to no less than 1650 kg.

The Smartbox Platform has a fixed width of 2136 mm. In length, there are four options between 3520 and 4520 mm. As far as height is concerned, there are two options: 2175 or 2375 mm. Every standard version is available from 320 kg and equipped with an aircraft rail in the kicking edge. The Smartbox Platform has an option for a tailgate, rear doors, a side door and various other options.

View the various features of our Smartbox Platform below and configure your own variant.

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Breedte: 2136 mm, Lengte: 3520 - 4520 mm
Gewicht: vanaf 320 kg
Voorzien van volledig LED verlichting
Hoogte: 2175 of 2325 mm
Inhoud vanaf 16,83 t/m 22,43 m³
Mogelijkheid 100% recyclebaar
Leverbaar met oprijklep, portaallift of achterdeuren
Laadvermogen tot 1650 kg mogelijk met klein rijbewijs
Standaard geïntegreerde vliegtuigrails met ladingzekeringscertificaat

Accessories for your Smartbox:

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Side door

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Roof spoiler

Smartbox Platform

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load capacity

You are assured of the highest possible load capacity. Due to the extremely low weight of the body, you can transport a heavier load.

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Environmentally Conscious

The Smartbox is constructed from 100% recyclable materials. This also makes the disposal of the Smartbox better for the environment.

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Lightest Flatbed
of Europe

With Smartbox you have the lightest container in Europe! Less weight means less consumption and wear.

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